Breaking: In A Very Ugly Moment Fox Business Host Calls Riggs Cross-Eyed

I got to be honest. I am so mad at myself right now it’s not even funny. The fact I didn’t chime in when this guys called Riggs cross-eyed will go down as one of the great missed opportunities of my lifetime. Like I didn’t even realize he said it till somebody told me after it was over. I don’t know how I missed this. He literally put it on a tee for me. Old Dave would have hit this to the moon. I seriously considered retiring for a couple minutes. Just one of the lowest moments of my career. How didn’t I not respond with “Well….he is cross eyed” The only excuse I have and I don’t like to make excuses is that we were up at 6am for this and I didn’t have any coffee yet. My brain clearly hadn’t turned on yet. I was in total noodle mode. Because otherwise if I let myself believe I was alert and aware of my surroundings and just wasn’t quick witted enough I’d have choice but to call it quits. No choice. This was a 84 mph soft serve fastball with no movement down the middle and I didn’t even swing. Just took it for strike 3 and walked back to the dugout. I will never have this opportunity again. I blew it plain and simple. That’s what men do. They take accountability for their actions. I fucked up. Credit to me for admitting it.