Puma Drops A Massive Bag To Sign Marvin Bagley And Get Back Into The NBA

This is not entirely shocking in the sense that Puma has been linked to wanting to get back into the basketball game this offseason. The first report is that they were making a push to try and get Trae Young to be the first guy back in Puma, however, it’s larger than that. The deal that Durant signed with Nike was 7-years $60 million. That shows you the sort of money that Puma is going to dish out to Bagley.

Today it was reported that they are signing a 5-year deal with Marvin Bagley to the largest shoe deal since Kevin Durant. That’s big time. I can tell you I’ve heard from sources (#ScoopCity shout out to WSD and Carl) that Puma has also put in a massive bid to be the next sponsor of the Maui Invitational with Adidas on the way out. They are looking to get in with the NCAA that way and sponsor teams after the Maui. They also are expected to announce other draft picks to a deal as well. Again, I can tell you that these are guys that you know, a few are expected to go top-20.

The last time Puma was really a factor in the NBA was the late 90s when they signed Vince Carter. It was a short-lived relationship as Carter wanted more money during his 10-year contract with Puma.  Carter eventually paid back $13 million for a breach of contract. Since then, they’ve focused more on guys like Usain Bolt, Rickie Fowler and others in soccer and individual sports.

If you’re a fan of sponsorships and things like that, this is a massive deal. Puma is absolutely not fucking around when it comes to getting back into the NBA. It’s going to be fascinating how the Nike’s, Adidas and Under Armour’s of the world react to this.