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The Moment We Realized Michael Scott Was Actually A Terrible Manager

I was watching the basketball episode last night and then I realized something. Michael Scott is screaming to go zone just a couple of possessions into the game. How have I not noticed this before? Why is this important you may ask?

Because it shows that Michael Scott is actually a terrible manager.

The fact the thinks going zone, especially with this team is a terrible decision making. Perhaps it’s why he had to fire someone early in the series. Perhaps it’s why Dunder Mifflin was always close to bankruptcy and eventually had to sell to Sabre. Who does Michael Scott think he is? Jim Boeheim?

If Michael was a good manager, he’d realize he was the weak link. You can go man with this team, let Jim deal with Roy and then match up with others. Put Stanley on whoever is playing in the post, keep Michael on whoever is the spot up shooter and then go.

Don’t get me wrong, Michael was a good boss. But he sucked as a manager. This was all the proof we needed and I can’t believe it took me this long to realize this. Never go zone early, kids.