Writer David Leavitt Offers His Condolences On Twitter By Calling Anthony Bourdain A "Steaming, Gaping Asshole"

“American novelist, short story writer, and biographer” David Leavitt with an all-time hot take about the tragic passing of Anthony Bourdain.  Amidst the flood of heartbreaking, devastated, supportive, and suicide prevention awareness tweets, a lone voice emerged to pull the ultimate “Well, actually”:  well, actually, Anthony Bourdain is a steaming, gaping asshole for being selfish enough to not be able to deal with a mental illness.  A brave voice who kept the receipts of somebody’s trash talk and struck back at them at the perfect, opportune time: the moment after he killed himself.   David Leavitt.  What a guy.

Don’t sleep on Val Kilmer though!