Kent State Gun Girl Challenges David Hogg To Arm Wrestle For "Fate Of 2nd Amendment"

Since that infamous photo, Kaitlin has amassed 65k followers on Twitter and 16.8k on Instagram:

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Along with that many followers, she has decided to challenge David Hogg to an arm wrestling competition for the “fate of the 2nd amendment:”

Now, Kaitlyn may (definitely) have arms bigger than David Hogg, but I would be interested to see who would win this competition. I’m sure nobody would complain about seeing this one as the main event on the next Rough N’ Rowdy. If I had to set the opening odds:

Kaitlin Bennett -150

David “Twig Arms” Hogg +120

Should it decide the fate of the 2nd amendment? Ehhhhhhh, that’s not for me to decide, but I’m going to say that it shouldn’t. However, there could be some serious humor value if it did.

Here is a photo of the signing of the Constitution:


Now, imagine time traveling back to this exact moment and letting them know that the fate of the second thing they wrote on that document will be determined by an arm wrestling competition. Then imagine explaining to them about Kaitlin Bennett and how she rose to this thing called internet fame. Talk about giving the founding fathers a headache. “We fought off England…..for this?”