Dave Grohl Pranks A Massive Foo Fighters Crowd With A Phony Fall Off The Stage

Years after Dave Grohl’s now notorious fall off the stage in Gothenberg, Sweden, where the Foo Fighters frontman broke his leg, the band returned to the very place where it happened this week and poked some fun at the incident. A fake Grohl (who I assume to be a stuntman) rushed out with the rest of the band, hyped up the crowd for a bit, and took a big spill before the real Dave ran out behind him.

I was suuuuper confused by this video the first time I watched it, because I haven’t seen Grohl use his Firebird in forever, especially for “All My Life”, the band’s most common opening track for the past few years, so when I paired that peculiarness with the headline “DAVE GROHL FALLS OFF STAGE IN SWEDEN” I was wondering if he were fucked up or something (which would be massively out of character for him). Turns out he very much wasn’t fucked up, instead just fucking with all of us.


Seriously though Dave, as one of the last surviving rockstars on earth, please don’t scare us like this.

#TBT to when Dave Grohl ACTUALLY fell off the stage in Sweden, broke his leg, and finished the god damn show…