Dude Gets Fed Up With Traffic So He Reverses Alllllllllllllllllll The Way Back Up The Exit Ramp

Not all heroes wear capes. Some drive a Toyota RAV4. There’s no limit to what you can accomplish when you simply think, “Fuck this” Saying, “Fuck this” is maybe the most powerful state of mind. It’s powerful but rare. Not many people are willing to go full Fuck This. Just look at al the people sitting there in traffic. That’s several thousand people who are sitting there thinking, “This sucks but I’m not willing to do anything about it.” There was only one person who said, “Fuck this” and decided to do something about it.  We all need to take a second and appreciate just how hard that is. Driving in reverse is super duper hard. It’s both physically and mentally difficult. One wrong move or thought and it turns into a disaster.

Why did he keep driving in reverse, though? That was strange behavior. He did it. He had accomplished what he wanted to do (get out of traffic) and just kept driving in reverse. Weird stuff. My best guess is that he was feeling himself. He was on a roll. Do you step away from the craps table while on heater? Hell no. Do you stop driving in reverse when you’re crushing it? Apparently not. I bet that guy has logged no less than 5 million hours of Grant Theft Auto. That’s the only place you can hone skills like that. Is he still driving in reverse as we speak? He might be.