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An NBA Team Asked Nik Stauskas If He Would Rather Win NBA Rookie Of The Year Or Party With Justin Bieber For An Entire Summer




So basically what we learned today is that NBA Front offices are running an episode of KFC Radio or the Rundown in their meetings. Insanely tough Would you rather. Oh wait, no it isn’t. Because on one side you have partying with a teenager douchebag with your shirt off all summer and the other is having success in professional sports and making millions of dollars all on your own accord. What a pretzel the NBA just put us all in. I wonder if the next question is would you rather win at basketball or lose at basketball. Just to check where everyone’s head is at.




For arguments sake, because I know this will end up being a debate and the side for partying with Justin Bieber will be presented. I looked back at the NBA Rookie of the Years and of the last 18 winners only 2 aren’t in the league anymore. Steve Francis who made over 100 million dollars and Brandon Roy who basically had the worst knees of all time end his extremely promising career. So yeah, if you win the Rookie of the year you’re all but guaranteed a successful career in the NBA and millions upon millions of dollars.


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Or your name is Emeka Okafor and the successful NBA career part doesn’t apply but the millions of dollars most certainly does. He’s not bad! (Jim Calhoun voice)



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