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Stephen A Smith Says Lebron Will Talk To the Celtics During Off Season. Dave Portnoy Says He Will Boycott the Celtics If They Sign Lebron James


So let me start by saying there is no chance the Celtics are going to sign Lebron James so this is merely a hypothetical. But having said that I firmly believe that any Celtic fan or Bostonian who would want Lebron James is not a Celtics fan at all. Like I don’t care if we’d win the title with him. Big fucking deal. I’d much rather lose without him than win with him. In fact if the Celtics signed him I’d not only boycott the team but I’d actively root for them to get demolished every single game. They’d become one of my most hated teams in sports. I’m not even joking. I just have too much pride to let myself get used like hooker by Lebron. I’d puke everything I had to look into the rafters and see Lebron’s banner hanging with the rest of them. I’m surprised Sixer fans want him to be honest. They seem to be have more pride than that. I understand Laker fans. Hollywood is a ton of transients. They don’t care about pride and tradition. They just want their courtside seats to be as expensive as possible. Lebron is perfect for LA. But Boston? No fucking way.   Poor Red Auerbach is probably rolling around in his grave just thinking about it.