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Bautista Wants To Star In A Gears Of War Movie And YES

I could not possibly be more excited for the potential of this. Would this concept make for a good movie? Probably not, considering basically every video game movie sucks eggs. HOWEVER I love Bautista and logged probably days of Gears of War 1 & 2 online. Also I’m the number #1 stan for Dave Bautista to get more roles in movies. I love him as Drax, Sapper Morton, nameless villian that beats the everloving shit out of James Bond.

Bautista is possibly the best potential casting for a Gears of War character ever. Perfect voice, attitude, and most importantly body type.

Just and insanely brolic thicc boi. I’d love to see a good video game movie be made, and GoW is probably one of the worse vessels for it but I would still watch the absolute shit out of this.

*Extremely Rick Harrison Voice*  I’m not an “expert” in video games though, so let me call my buddy so we know what we’re dealing with here.

From Devlin in the lands of Gametime…

Cyclops gets signed for a Sonic the Hedgehog movie last week and now Hollywood has their sights on Gears of War? Sign me TF up. And if they’re gonna pick anyone to be Marcus Fenix, it’s kinda GOTTA be Dave Bautista right? Throw a skullcap on mid-2000’s soul patch Bowwwwwwwtista and the transformation is already complete. Somehow amazingly, the dude can actually act on top of it too.

But my question is, why the fuck aren’t the wheels moving on a Halo movie by now? People love robots, people love the world getting saved, every dude LOVES that game. Anytime we post someone singing the Halo theme the internet goes nuts and nostalgia nuts explode. It’s time to start a dialogue folks. Don’t get me wrong GoW is great, absolutely all-time premiere trailer that still gives me goosebumps, BUT GIVE ME THE FUCKING CHIEF.

Jon Hamm? Vin Diesel? Nic Cage? Combat evolved INDEED.

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