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The CEO Of Qatar Airways Says Only A Man Could Do His Job Because "It's Very Challenging"

BLOOMBERGSet your sights elsewhere, women. Qatar Airways Chief Executive Officer Akbar Al Baker says only a man could rise to the challenges of his job.

Moments after becoming chairman of the International Air Transport Association’s board of governors, one of the world’s biggest boys’ clubs, Al Baker did little to suggest things will change.

At a press conference in Sydney, where IATA held its annual meeting, he was asked what could be done about the woeful representation of women in Middle East aviation. That’s not the case at Qatar Airways, Al Baker told the reporter.

“Of course it has to be led by a man, because it is a very challenging position.” There were loud groans of disapproval from many reporters in the room.

Hannibal Lecter.

Norman Bates.

The Wicked Witch of the West.

Nurse Ratched.

“Man” in Bambi.

…Akbar Al Baker the CEO of Qatar Airways.

The pantheon of great, all time villains.

Like this statement for example:

No Lisa as a matter of fact I didn’t think I could imagine it…but Akbar Al Baker just fucking did it!

Hey women – no CEO position for you!  Get back in the gallery and pour everybody their seltzer waters!  Is there food back there still or did we eliminate that in cost-cutting measures?  If so – make everyone a sandwich!  Why are your shoes on?  Get barefoot and pregnant god damnit!   All my dude was missing was an evil cackle after he delivered the line and maybe a pinky up to his mouth as he stroked the kitten on his lap.  Just a ruthless I-do-not-give-a-fuckkkkk motherfucker.  How do you not respect that?  Not enough Bad Guys who love being Bad Guys in the world anymore.

I love all the little Americans on Twitter getting all upset and fired up like it’s the most shocking outrageous thing they’ve ever encountered. Buddy, it’s Qatar Airways. Like, based in Qatar. That’s in the Middle East. It borders Saudi Arabia which just gave its first woman in history a driver’s license yesterday.  The fuck you think this is?

There’s an old quote – “Maybe I am a villain in your story, but I am a hero in mine.”  In Al Baker’s head, he’s a motherfucking hero.  Like the Batman of sexism.  Keeping the friendly skies safe by not letting some weak, emotional woman take the reigns of the company.  You let one in, how long is it until there’s a massive disaster like a mid air collision because the boss was busy in the bathroom dealing with her lady problems?  Or crying about an ex boyfriend while eating pints of Ben and Jerrys?   Al Baker can’t risk it.  Not on his watch.

And check this stat out.

Qatar Airways staff are more than 33 percent female, he said. The carrier has female pilots and female senior vice presidents, he said. There’s no gender inequality in Qatar Airways, he said.

33%!  If you round up that’s basically half.  What else can you want????   Women, am I right?