True Love: Pete Davidson Has Two Ariana Grande Tattoos

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I love it. That’s what true love is all about. When you’ve been dating for a week, you need to let the person know that your love is real. And that’s exactly what Pete did, and I can’t love it enough. In a world full of mixed messages, a world where you can be “talking” for months on end without any real label on the relationship, Pete has absolutely no time for any of that nonsense. No “are we an item or not” conversation in his house. He takes you to the Olive Garden, you touch hands reaching for that last breadstick, and then it’s right on over to the tattoo parlor to ink that love on your neck forever.

Remember the last person who got his chick’s name tattooed on him after a week?

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And now they are happily married with a kid. A story book romance. So maybe these two have relationships figured out, just get tattoos and everything will be fine. Relationship goals.