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Bill Clinton Gets Heated Over Monica Lewinsky Questions On The Today Show

Six minutes is an insanely long time to watch a video so here’s where it gets hottest.

Don’t think it’s a great sign when you’re playing the “what about how many chicks JFK was banging” card.

My biggest regret in life is that I wasn’t old enough to fully consume the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Big time fuck up on my part. Best scandal ever. The president — back when presidents were highly respected — was doing all sorts of kinky shit to a 22-year-old intern in the Oval Office. Cigar fucking. Hummers while on the phone with world leaders. Cumming on dresses. Then lying about it with his wife by his side… then lying under oath… then admitting to it all… all for public consumption!

Very interesting!

And it all came from a relatively clean guy. Trump we’re not surprised. Trump’s been Trump forever. Clinton? People had heard whispers from years past but doing this all as president, in the Oval, with Hillary in the building… just an A+ scandal. One of the best.

Scandal so good it still plays 20 years later. So big shoutout to The Today Show fully knowing that, knowing Bill & Monica still plays, knowing Bill & Monica still puts asses in the seats. The American people can’t get enough of it.

Even this guy understands that.

You put “Bill” and “Monica” in the same headline, I’m clicking on it.