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A 95-Year-Old Stan Lee Faced Down Two Armed Robbers in His Home

SourcePolice detained two suspected gunmen outside Stan Lee’s home after reports an armed man was making threats towards the Marvel creator, can reveal.

Several police units and a police helicopter rushed to Lee’s $5 million Hollywood Hills, California, property after a 911 call was made at 7.30pm on Thursday night.

It’s understood officers arrived minutes later, guns drawn, before detaining two men.

Lee, 95, was at home at the time and understands one of the men had confronted the star demanding money. …

A source who witnessed the incident said things went bad following an angry confrontation between Lee and one of the men.

‘There was two guys standing outside demanding money, they were shouting,’ the source said.

‘There was a confrontation with Stan in front of his house.’ …

The drama is the latest to involve Lee following a string of incidents and claims this year.

In April police rushed to the star’s house after an intruder jumped over a fence and was trying to force his way inside. …

In February, police were called to the home to investigate a claim of elder abuse.

The allegation is believed to have involved Stan’s long-time road manager and bodyguard Max Anderson, a convicted felon. …

And in January, Lee was hit by several claims of sexual assault and harassment against some of the nurses who cared for him round the clock. … A lawyer acting for Lee has denied all the allegations and said they are an attempt to extort money from him in a ‘shakedown’.

In January, it also emerged that someone stole $300,000 from him using a forged check.

Great Scott. Has anyone ever lived a more interesting life than Stan Lee is living in his 90s? If this were any other person, you’d be right in saying that getting your home invaded by armed robbers, having a trespasser hop your fence and try to break in, being accused of sexual harassment as part of a possible “shakedown” and getting embezzled out of 300 grand would be four lifetimes worth of awfulness. But for Stan Lee, it’s just the first half of 2018.

And if it were any other person, I’d assume that facing two gun toting perps in the sanctity of his own home would be more than he could bear. That the trauma would take years off his life. But at 95, Lee is basically standing in his own grave anyway. I’m sorry to say that and mean no disrespect, but I can read an actuarial table. So he’s got nothing to lose. So this nonagenarian badass faced down these punks like he was wearing the Iron Man suit and only added to his already incomparable legend.

Seriously, I’m biased because Stan Lee basically shaped my childhood. He created the mythology of the 20th century that had me watching Spider Man and Captain America Saturday morning cartoons, reading Fantastic Four comics in the back of my mom’s wood-paneled station wagon on the way up to Maine and religiously collecting “Secret Wars” in college. In the 21st century, now that I’m an adult (ish), I’ve gotten to see his creations inspire the best film franchise of all time. I’ve witnessed a line of a couple of hundred people queue up to get his autograph at Rhode Island ComicCon 2016. And now lived to see him become a real crimefighter, fearlessly standing his ground against gun-wielding like a senior citizen Hulk. And dammit, it’s a beautiful thing to see.

For a while I’ve been assuming that Stan Lee was in Death’s Great On Deck Circle. But after this I’m starting to think he’s as immortal as Thor. I sure hope I’m right because a man this great deserves to live forever.