I Am Ready To Watch The Caps Win Their First Ever Stanley Cup Game Tonight

Monday night was a crazy night. The entire scenario still blows my mind. I got to see my favorite team, my dear Washington Capitals, the team I’ve loved more than anything since I was 4 years old, play in a Stanley Cup game, in the city of Las Vegas. Some of the game I watched from ice level, and some from the JD Lounge atop section 15. The Vegas fans were friendly and hospitable, and I’ll say this- they know how lucky they are. They get that the Caps fans in the building have been waiting our whole lives for this. And the Caps fans who made the trip were AWESOME. Tons of red in the building, being loud, rooting on the good guys.

But the Caps lost. And so that stunk. But the thing is, the Caps played their worst game of the playoffs and still barely lost on the road in Vegas. It reminded me of a couple of the Tampa games where I thought the Caps could have easily won, but tiny mistakes that you can’t make in the Cup bit them in the ass. That Reaves no-call didn’t help either.

The thing I’ve loved the most about this post-season is how the Caps haven’t batted an eye when in previous seasons we would have said “same ol’ Caps”. The Caps lost the first 2 games to Columbus and people said “same ol Caps”. I didn’t. Then all we heard was “the Caps will never get by the Penguins”. Spoiler alert: got by the Penguins in 6. Without Backstrom and without Tommy Playoffs. And then it was ECF time. Everyone said “good run, but Tampa is too fast and too skilled”. It took 7, but the Caps went into Tampa and won. And not just won, but boat raced them. Shit pumped them. And so now the narrative is “it’s impossible to win in Vegas”. Well…I’m not saying that. Vegas is tough, but the Caps have overcome adversity in every series so far, and they aren’t about to fold like a cheap suit now. It’s just not who they are.

So I’m ready. I’m ready to see the Caps win their first ever Stanley Cup game tonight. We’ve waited this long. There will be original season ticket holders in the house, who have seen it all who are ready. Holtby will bounce back, Ovi will light the lamp, and we’ll go back to DC knotted up at 1.