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A Chinese Police Video Went Viral For Breaking Down The Perfect Way To React To A Knife Attack

Now THAT is the perfect PSA. Funny, informative, and to the point. Those are the ones that always stuck with me as a kid. Not the ones where everyone is wearing dated clothes, had 70s porn music slowly playing in the background, and it took 25 minutes to tell you that cocaine is actually bad for you. Just give the basic facts, throw in some humor, and slap The More You Know star before letting me go about my day.

And this Chinese video absolutely nailed its message. I’ll admit that knives lost some street cred in my eyes because of the whole “Bring a knife to a gun fight” expression. But that’s not fair to knives. Guns are fucked up. Fuck guns. However bringing a knife to a fist fight is a pretty decent advantage as well. Knives can fuck you up good. Shit, The Joker’s favorite weapon is a knife and he’s the craziest son of a bitch in all of Gotham. Which is why that video is so simple yet so effective. If I am ever close to a dude with a knife, I will now run the fuck away like this Chinese dude while screaming for the police because that hilarious video told me to instead of probably just gawking at the dude like the oakf I am. Good goddamn work China. While everyone in America is losing their shit dealing with Twitter burner accounts and rap beefs, you are out here making the world a safer place.