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The Best Moments Of The Celtics 2018 Season

Boston Celtics v Utah Jazz

Look I fully understand how pathetic this is. The Celtics season is over and it should be time to move on. But I can’t control how my heart feels. I’m a victim of my own sickness. As if being back in the cubes today after MDW wasn’t depressing enough, all I can think about is how the Celtics choked away their chance at the Finals. As I said in the blog, it’s going to haunt me for a little while. So naturally I did what any sad, lonely, depressed blogger would do. I went to the internet for help in an effort to lift my spirits. Some people go to certain adult websites to cure this sort of depression, but me, a known demented person, went to YouTube. It was there that I went searching for the positive times, when the Celtics weren’t huge choking dickbags and instead brought us joy. I figured there’s no chance I’m the only one who is also feeling this way even a few days after the season ended, so why not bring what I find to the masses. Below are some of the moments during this past season that we should always remember, because they made us happy. Forget Lebron owning this franchise for the billionth time for a second and try and bring some joy into your life. Let’s get going.

The Celtics won 16 games in a row

Don’t let the current depression fool you, this Celtics team was doing improbable things right from the jump. Their 16 straight wins to basically start the year was something not a person on this planet saw coming, but was one hell of a ride. Wins over PHI/SA/OKC/LAL/TOR/GS really helped turn what was a disaster situation into the belief that maybe this team was going to be just fine.

This Marcus Smart block

I chose this play because A) Fuck the Lakers and B) Nothing cheers me up quicker than seeing the Celtics shit on the Lakers C) This was a PG meeting someone at the rim for the clean block D) See A

I won’t lie though, Terry missing that open corner three triggered me a little bit.

Marcus Morris’ game winner against OKC

Remember All NBA Marcus Morris? Man was he good. Could of used this type of guy this postseason but whatever we’re trying to be happy here. This shot sparked a 6 game winning streak as the Celts went on a West Coast trip and surprisingly didn’t poop their pants. This shot was basically Marcus Morris in a nutshell. The ultimate NO NO NO YESSSSSS shot for the ultimate NO NO NO YESSSSSS player.

Al Horford’s game winner

Try and forget what happened later on this day (you know like the Pats losing the SB) and instead focus on one of the more clutch plays of Al Horford’s season. This shot brought the Celts to 39-15 and Big Al had a nice 22/10.

The first time Yabu dabbed

You know, this could have been the best moment of the entire season. The GIF that came out of this play will forever live in internet glory, and you know I could not have a blog like this without a Yabu appearance. Add in the fact that Mike and Tommy had no fucking clue what a dab is, and it makes this an all time moment for sure.

Honestly everything Kyrie Irving did

All in all, a pretty successful first season for Kyrie in Boston. I can say he honestly changed my opinion of him given that I actually saw him play defense at times with my own eyes, and the shit he is able to do with the basketball was special.

Jaylen Brown’s shot in UTA

This came as part of that undefeated West Coast trip I just mentioned. By this point of the season the Jazz were ROLLING on their way to making a surprise playoff appearance, and the Celts were on the last game of their trop. We’ve seen them blow this game in the past so the fact that they not only won, but won it in dramatic fashion with a broken play Jaylen three was pretty sweet.

Jaylen’s dunk on Porzingis

I expect we’ll see a lot of these type of plays over the course of Jaylen’s career, but I’m not sure we’ll see too many that are as vicious as this one was. Loved that Jaylen at no point of this play hesitated, and while Porzingis isn’t exactly known as a shot blocker, he’s still like 7’2 or some shit. Much like the Lakers, any time I can see the Celtics shit on the Knicks it will bring me joy.

Terry Rozier’s game winning steal 

You want to talk about a game the Celtics had no business winning, here ya go. Victor Oladipo was ridiculous, had just hit some late dagger jumpers on his way to a game high 38 points, and out of nowhere came Terry Rozier for the PRAYER steal to pull out the win. I don’t know how he got there, I don’t know how he was able to pull off the dunk before time expired, but it was one of those early season moments where somehow some way the Celtics seemed to pull wins out of their ass.

Everything Jayson Tatum did against the Sixers

We as Celtics fans knew what Tatum was capable of. This series against PHI is when the rest of the world got s glimpse of it. As good as Tatum was this postseason he had his best series against Ben Simmons and the Sixers, absolutely abusing both Convginton and Simmons on the regular.

Tatum’s dunk on Lebron

Sure the Celtics blew the ECF. It sucks. You know what doesn’t suck? That no matter how hard Lebron tries this moment will live on the internet forever. That brings me peace.

Marcus Smart mentally breaking James Harden

Part of me wanted a Celtics/Rockets Finals just so we could have seen Marcus Smart mentally dominate James Harden again. The Celtics loved to pull improbably wins out of nowhere, and this game was a perfect display of that. Were there flops? You betcha. Do I care? Nope not even a little bit. Half of Smart’s appeal is that he can get under your best players skin, and that’s exactly what happened.

The 19-0 run against GS

Not many teams can go on this type of run against the Warriors, but remember this game was at a time where the Celtics simply couldn’t lose, and boy did they lay it on thick in that third quarter. It was this win that probably gave us Celtics fan peak cockiness, because no team plays GS tougher than the Celtics have over the last 6 or so meetings. It’s a damn shame we couldn’t see them match up with everything on the line.

Paul Pierce Night

I do no care one bit that the Celtics were destroyed by the Cavs in this game. This moment was special for me and a lot of Celtics fans for obvious reasons. Pierce was our generations Larry Bird. It was a surreal experience to finally have a player I grew up watching have his number put up in the rafters with the legends I had been told about for my entire life. Pierce will probably tell you this moment meant a lot to him given everything he went through with this franchise, but I’m pretty sure it meant way more to me.

Gordon Hayward’s first basket as a Celtic

Too soon? OK maybe this one is having the opposite effect of what this blog is supposed to be. So just let this remind you how fucking awesome next year is going to be.


So hopefully this has now helped you turn the page on what was a pretty incredible year despite the horrific ending. As I say all the time on this blog, the best part of it is that we can help each other through the tough times. Now that you’d made it through this blog hopefully your spirits are a little higher, and we can finally put the past in the past. Probably not, but at least we tried.