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Wake Up With A Compilation Of 9-3 Putouts

One of my favorite plays in baseball is the 9-3 put out. You don’t see it that often, probably less than 3 times a year. But when it happens, it’s hilarious. You’ve normally got a pitcher or someone who is weight challenged running, and a right fielder who wants to show off the gun. We try it in softball all the time, and again it rarely works there, but it’s just great when it actually happens in an MLB game.

AWL, Danny Haren was the victim of a few of these in the videos above, would be a real shame if people tweeted him asking his thoughts on the plays. It’s also no surprise Jose Bautista was I’m this twice gunning guys out, he’s always trying to do stuff like this. I do remember he tried to do it to Delmon Young a few years ago and messed his shoulder up pretty bad.

The best part about these plays is its like a wave. You can see it coming up in the distance and you just watch it develop. Everyone in the crowd sees it coming and stands up and hopes they see a fat pitcher get thrown out from 150 feet away. Kind of a metaphor for this weekend too, go out and try and throw a guy out from right field at the bar this MDW weekend. Do it.