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Buy Your Capitals Stanley Cup Final Shirts Here!!!

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It really is #OurYear. Ovi and the Caps slayed the dragon known as the Penguins, and then Braden Holtby and company shut down the Lightning in their building to go to the Cup Final. BUY your shirt NOW so you can get it before the Caps first home game in the Cup Finals! You know it’s #OurYear, show it off and tell your friends as well!

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Oh, you wanted something a little different, maybe a throwback???  Maybe a shirt with the best goal scorer of our generating doing his signature cell? Why not rep the shirt of the best Capital of ALL TIME as he celebrates leading the Caps to their first Cup final in 20 years. The classic Ovi shirt is BACK and ready for you to rock. Order now so you can have it in time for the first Caps home Finals game. 

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We thought we’d break out the new shirt for all the Caps fans, and what better way to celebrate Kuzy’s breakout performance? He was a MONSTER this postseason run, get your shirt now so you can have it for Game 3. It’s a beauty for sure, I may even call it a must have. You’re a wizard, Kuzy! Get your Red Scare shirts NOW!

Seriously, buy all your shirts now so you can rock them in DC for Game 3!