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Burger King Testing Out Chicken and Waffles Sandwich; It Looks Terrible




Why don’t you vomit directly into my mouth and save me the time, Burger King? Good grief, have a little, tiny bit of respect for yourself, for me, and for society. And have some fucking integrity. You don’t lackadaisically make a chicken and waffle sandwich. For fucks sake, do you guys have any idea how the world works? Haven’t you ever seen Field of Dreams? If you make a delicious, savory, mouth watering fried chicken and waffle sandwich, the people will come. Pun sort of intended but not really til I finished writing that sentence cause that’s gross. But I digress. Burger King decided to do what Burger King does best, and make a shitty product that will 110% likely stink up your entire car for the next two weeks. That’s why they didn’t make my list of best fast food joints, and never will. Good riddance, Burger King.


Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 11.31.06 AM



PS: Can’t wait to try one.