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Evander Kane Is About To Get PAID

7 years and 7 million per for Evander Kane to sign a contract extension in San Jose. Kind of crazy. But when you look at some of the deals on the Sharks roster, it’s a deal they could afford. They don’t pay a single forward on their roster over $6m. So I guess you could say they have some money to spend. But just because the Sharks can afford it, does that mean he is worth that much money? Also – imagine the time in Vegas this dude is going to have the second the ink dries.

Kane is expected to sign the deal sometime very soon, but my question here is Evander Kane really worth 7 million per year? I’d say no. I’d not only say no, I’d say there is not a chance in France that I would pay 7 million per year for Evander Kane. The guys loses everywhere he goes. And it seems like he leaves every where on a bad note.

But what do I know. The guy can definitely play. He put up 30 in 2011-12. He also didn’t sniff 25+ goals again until 2016-17, where he put up 28, then posted 29 this season playing in both Buffalo and San Jose. So inconsistency is definitely a problem, staying on the ice is a problem as well. He’s never come close to playing 82 games in a season that isn’t a contract year. The most he has ever played was 74 in 2011-12 (contract year) and 78 this past season (contract year).

It sucks too, because I always wanted Evander Kane on the Bruins. He’s fast, big, physical and can fight. I always thought he’d be a great fit to play along side David Krejci. But at what point do you sit back and begin to wonder if this guy is just worried about getting paid and couldn’t care less if he raises the cup or not.

Well he’s finally on a winning team in San Jose and he’s playing hockey in California. There isn’t a thing in the world that should lead to an excuse as to why he doesn’t put up numbers in this contract and continue to help the Sharks contend in the West. But again, it’s Evander Kane, so we’ll have to wait and see. But good for him on getting PAID. What a life. Go buy something nice brotha.