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Lil Tay, The Youngest Flexer In The Game, Went On Good Morning America And Addressed All Of Her Haters

Lots of shocking stuff in this video. I agree with Lil Tay that the haters are trying to flex on her and they are just mad jealous that she has a camera that costs more than their rent. Although, the camera in question is a 15k dollar camera. Most people dont have that type of rent. She’s right though. The camera is extremely expensive.

Lil Tay’s mom looks so proud of her daughter. Why wouldnt she be? She’s stunting all over the world with more than 2 million instagram followers and she’s bringing bangs back in a big way.

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 10.23.54 AM

Reminds me of Sia.

I am, however, disappointed that Lil Tay doesnt actually own all the houses that she claims to. That’s hurtful. All week I’ve been going door-to-door in my neighborhood and letting people know about Lil Tay’s houses.

“Hey Fred. You hear about Lil Tay? She bought a house in the Hills and has more cash than your momma’s rent, you broke boi.”

Fred and I are no longer friends but I’d dont give a damn about him or his lovely wife Ruth.

Anyway, the line where Lil Tay says, “I’m a Harvard dropout” and then gets asked what city Harvard is in and she responds, “I forgot. It’s been a longtime since I went there” is hysterical for a 9-year-old. If you try to take that from her, it’s fucked up. Game recognizes game and her new Bentley truck is dope as hell. And if you dont like it or Lil Tay, you are a hater and are just mad because she’s got more around her neck than your momma’s mortgage, bitch.

That being said, if I don’t get some of the headphones that she’s wearing soon, I’ll be distraught. Say what you want, but Lil Tay is fucking great at ad reads.