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The Haters Are Furious: Macaroni And Cheese Is Trash

I didnt wanna set the world ablaze with my macaroni and cheese take last night but someone teed it up for me and I needed to. Now, I dont hate people who willingly consume macaroni and cheese. I just say that the dish isn’t for me. Noodles and cheese? No thanks. I prefer my noodles with a nice marinara sauce and accompanied with several beautifully cooked meatballs. Lamb, beef, and pork. Delicious.

I also enjoy listening to music while I eat my spaghetti and meatballs. What song? An underrated classic by Frank Sinatra. Of all Frank’s songs, this one just might be my favorite. Let’s take a listen; shall we?

The song is sad because it’s about divorce and love lost. The people in the song are going through the motions and their relationship is essentially a circus. Send in the clowns. Very sad. Very sad, indeed. Kinda feels like when I talk about how I dont like macaroni and cheese. Send in the clowns to argue on behalf of boxed trash. Sad. Very sad, indeed.

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