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This Marine Thought Getting Engaged After Bootcamp And Graduation Was Going To Be All Glamour: Think Again, Shit Bag

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If you’re not spending your free time bravely immersed in the web, a keyboard warrior out on a mission to build yourself up by pointing out the mistakes of others, you’re doing it wrong. As one who internets correctly, I’d like to take this lovely story of two young patriots serving their country and say, LOOK AT HIS COLLAR INSIGNIA,,, THE EAGLE, GLOBE AND ANCHORS ON HIS DRESS BLUES COLLAR ARE BACKWARDS! WHAT A (probably super nice, selfless) DUM DUM IDIOT-FACE! ROFL, SMDH… I guess you thought you could just get engaged & graduate, and join the military and nobody would call you out on a small, confusing uniform detail?!

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On our Marine Corps uniforms, the Eagle, Globe & Anchor holds special meaning. The globe signifies the Corps’ readiness to serve in any part of the world. The eagle represents the United States, and the anchor represents our Naval tradition. The anchors are always supposed to face inboard towards the center of the body.

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At boot camp when you complete the crucible & officially become a Marine, an EGA is pressed into your palm by one of your drill instructors. It’s a moment of reflection & immense pride – you finally reached your goal – you are a United States Marine.

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And now, from uniforms to tattoos, you can commence messing up the EGA regulations, among others, for all to see & make fun of online.

For any branch, there’s a lot of finely detailed rules, and almost anyone of any rank can have a brain fart. Some, like me – keeping the world in check from behind a screen – revel in it. Other people choose to be classy & considerate about it.

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Meh, lame.