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Did Aaron Wise Get Friend Zoned After He Won Yesterday Or Was That His Mom?

So a bunch of people sent me this video. Aaron Wise won the Byron Nelson yesterday and then was embraced by………..someone. It’s either his girlfriend or his mom. That much we know. It’s quite the mystery though. I honestly can’t tell. I go back and forth. At first, it for sure looks like a girlfriend that friend zones the fuck out of him despite just winning over a million dollars. But I feel like it can’t be his girlfriend for that reason. Cause if there’s a time to unfriendzone a guy, it’s the second he becomes a millionaire. And it really does look like Wise goes in for the kiss in that video. He gets CLOSE.

Or maybe they’re a Tom Crean family because I RTed one of the videos that was sent to me and people in the comments were saying it was his mom. That’s about as much research as I did on the subject. An important part of this is that Aaron Wise is just 21 years old. His mom is likely a fairly young woman. So that could be her. In a weird way I hope it was his mom. I’d rather him have an awkward moment with his mom as opposed to getting stuffed into the friend zone on national television. I don’t know what to think. I’m flummoxed.