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Game Changer: Using A Push Broom To Clean The Snow Off Your Car


Straight up game changer.  Straight up fucking game changer.  If you live in Eastern Iowa you know its been snowing for the last few days.  It snowed a few more inches last night.  I found this out when I looked out the window this morning and it looked like Frosty The Snowman had taken a huge shit on my car.  Just completely covered.  Like a 2009 Chevy Cobalt-shaped igloo was parked out front.  That’s right, 2009.  I don’t care how much you like snow or winter, I like snow and winter, but cleaning your car off is by far the worst part.  It’s not even close.  It mostly sucks because it takes effort.  You have to shoehorn in more time in the morning and after you do clear it off you ponder whether or not cutting your hands off is a good idea.  It’s like being in the Donner Party.  It’s the worst.  So as I’m bitching about this for the millionth time to my roommate he casually says “Just use a push broom to clear it off.” Now, I can’t see my own face, which is a shame because of my arousal-inducing mustache, but I’m assuming the look on my face was similar to the look people had when they first discovered fire.  Just jaw crashing to the floor.  It’s genius and it works.  It takes about 6 seconds and you’re done.  If you don’t have a push broom, go out and buy one right now.  Trust me.  It’s the winter game changer to end all winter game changers.

Side Note:  Am I the last one to the party on this?  Was this a super obvious thing to do?  Have I been doing this wrong forever?  If so, egg on my fucking face.