This St. Louis Cardinals Pump Up Song Just Made Me A Dodgers Fan

I’m sorry I can’t hear you over your cargo shorts. Don’t care if you ripped every Phillies fans nuts out in 2011 during our last legitimate chance to win the WS and you’ve been in the championship game every year since, this is the prime example why people don’t like St. Louis and their fans. It has nothing to do with the team being good. It’s the douchefest cockiness involving awful songs, stupid sayings and queer rally squirrels. Extreme Meth Damon and talentless Paul Simon can go fuck themselves under the Arch. Let’s go LA.

Actually beyond SHOCKED TBS didn’t pick up this tune to play 1,305,394,232 during every single broadcast. Still 1000000x better than that Kid Rock crap they used three years ago. That should be given the key of the city to Detroit and lock himself inside that shit box forever.

Also have an dangerous amount of unwarranted hatred towards the bitch that waddles in the background at :47.


Fire of a thousand suns.

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