There Is Officially A Jewish Tinder And It’s Time To Grab Life By The Dreidels


J-Crush – A team of New York developers have created a dating app that matches singles via their mobile phones. Users sign up to view photographs of other people living in their area. They are then able to rate them by clicking on icons with the options: Oy Vey! (forget it) Maybe, (I need time to think) or Crush (let’s date). If someone else viewing their photograph also chooses Crush, the two are put in contact. JCrush, which uses similar location-tracking technology to the networking site Tinder, launched a month ago and the app was downloaded 5,000 times by people in America, Israel and Australia.


“If you will it, there is no dream”Theodore Hertzel Walter Sobchak

Mazel Tov, sweetcheeks! Ah, finally, a way into the club. Place at the table. The Final Solution, if you will, to all my problems. Not like I’m Tim Wately and will be converting for the jokes. This is for straight cash homie love. Yeah, sure, I’ll get a free vacation through Birthrite, will probably make connections with my new found brothers that have Hollywood ties and eventually retire to Florida on a pretty nest egg. But it’s not all peaches and Matzah. Won’t be able to roll on Saturdays anymore, but I suppose that’s a small sacrifice in the grand plan. So what if I was a raised Roman Catholic and now would trust an autistic chimp more than someone who dedicates their life to any religion, I’m willing to change. If George Costanza can convert his frivolous values for a woman then dammit so can I. Got Adam down, now we only need to change the last name to Goldsmith and a Jew babe has got herself some prime Kosher meat.

Generally surprised there isn’t a .02 cent charge for swiping right. That is all.

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