UPDATE: Stoolies: One Of Our Own Is In Need




Meet Carl from Phoenixville, PA. Just your average post-college cube dweller who graduated from Kutztown and reads the site on a daily basis. Could be you, me or any other degenerate who comes to Barstool. Unfortunately, Carl has been dealt a rough hand recently. In late September he was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer: adrenocortical carcinoma (stage IV adrenal cancer) which has subsequently spread from his jaw to his lymph nodes and spine. Look it up if you want to go into detail, but long story short, it sucks. Bad.

We strive to be by the common man, for the common man, and Carl is one of us through and through. Dude is a frequent emailer/tipster, commenter and comes to all the Philly events. His friends and family have set up a Go Fund Me page because, honestly, it’s not cheap going through something as unexpected and life changing as this. His life story and what he’s going through is also on that page more in detail.

After exchanging emails and texts with Carl there’s one thing I figured out, the dude wants NO PITY. The way he’s handling this and his sense of humor is beyond impressive. But if you want to donate to his cause, he and his family will be extraordinarily grateful. No amount is too little. Either way, please drop Carl a line below, via email or in the comments of his Go Fund Me page and let him know you’re with him while he’s fighting the good fight. Guy has been stuck at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America since his diagnosis and I’m sure would welcome any sort of support. Even if it’s just a VIVA or making fun of his haircut that sometimes comes dangerously close to Lloyd Christmas standards, it goes a LONG way. Do your Stoolie duty and let him know you’re with him because, like I said, this could been any one of our common man degenerate asses fighting the same battle. #HELMETSTRONG #FUCKCANCER

Email well wishes and contact email for info on fundraising/events: [email protected]


PS – If Carl doesn’t track down the dude who was firing up the microwave in his office for no damn reason and kick his face in for giving him cancer then we might have to on his behalf.

PPS – Just got a text from him saying he’ll be in radiation when the blog is being posted so definitely show him some support for when he gets around to sees this.

UPDATE: The Helmet speaks from the comment section.

Mitoooooooo: This support is crazy guys thanks so much!!! Definitely helps getting through the day. And being stuck in a hospital in North Philly, the Tinder scene isn’t at it’s best pickings.. As far as finding out about this thing, I thought my appendix burst one night and happened to check myself into the ER and they found an “unknown mass” in my stomach, so just super lucky on that. (Well, luck being relative). But all these words and support do so much, I don’t know anyone one of you and you’re all over it. Love it, love it, can’t appreciate it enough. This is awesome. Will do Stoolie Nation proud and fight this thing everyday and twice on Sunday. ViVa!!! Also any event/fundraiser/etc that comes of this you guys can just roll up and show face and take advantage of and support/show face. It will always be about the bigger cause of enjoying life while we can. Mitoooooooo.

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