Spanish Youth Soccer Coach Gets Fired After Team Wins 25-0


Independent – A Spanish youth team coach has been sacked after his under-11s side won 25-0. The board of CD Serranos deemed the scoreline “humiliating” to opponents Benicalap.

“We encourage respect for our rivals, and after the fallout over the result, we felt the coach should step down,” Pablo Alcaide of CD Serrano told El Pais

…Benicalap, who play in the city of Valencia, are no strangers to embarrassing defeats. The team ended their season with no points and 247 goals conceded.

First off, how is the headline of this story not that a youth soccer team in Spain just finished their season with a total score of 247-0? What are they even doing in the league to begin with? This sounds a lot like entrapment to me. This dickhead coach for Benicalap is just going around getting every other coach in the league fired for kicking his team’s ass too much. Taking the “Trust The Process” method to an entirely new level. You tank so hard one year that you get every other coach fired, then come in next year and dunk on all these rookie coaches. As a Philadelphia sports fan, I can’t say I hate the tactic. But I’d lawyer up if I were that coach that just got fired.

Second off, where do we stand on Spain’s siesta policy? Naps are definitely dope. But I think the allure of mid-work-day naps is that you need to be sneaky about them. Makes you feel even better rested when you know you just got away with wasting 30 minutes of the day. Built-in naps throughout the day would definitely be nice, but I don’t think they’d have the same result. I don’t know. Just my two cents.


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