So Apparently ‘The Purge’ Is Going To Be Real Life In Philly


PHILLY – Despite the real-life Purge rumors that have been circulating on social media being proven to be a hoax started by a teenager, threats for the Philly region continue to persist. The so-called real life Purge is said to be set for this Friday evening beginning at 7:00 p.m. EST in the Philadelphia region. Fliers have been circulating in Philly that show a man and woman in masks and wielding machetes. The photo is a still from the film The Purge: Anarchy. The movie is a sequel to a film from last year entitled The Purge. The premise of both films is that the government, in the future, will allow a 12 hour period one time per year in which all crime is completely legal. This includes murder and any other violent crime the fictional characters can dream up.

READER EMAIL: Philadelphia Purge

Don’t know if you’ve heard but Philly is about to have “real life purge” this Friday beginning at 7 pm. My girlfriend who lives in an apartment in Philly got a note under her door from the Philadelphia Police department about the Philadelphia purge. The main part of the note said “due to heightened threats and concern we encourage any and all Philadelphia city residents to stay elsewhere in the suburbs”. Shit could get real in Philly tomorrow


First off, that movie SUCKED. So much potential with very little to show for it. The Dom Brown of cinema. I heard the sequel capitalized on the idea a little better, but still. Ethan Hawke can kiss my dick with that first effort (however Gattica and Training Day are the certified tits).

But apparently “Real Life Purges” are taking off on social media around the country with Philadelphia’s date being set for tomorrow night. Honestly, I say bring it. As if total anarchy and disregard for the law wasn’t already going down in North Philly. Everyone who is civilized be armed an on high alert. If one of these assclowns decides to do something Purge worthy then beat them at their own game in self defense. Take ‘em out for the good of society and decrease the surplus population. Or at the very least give them a good mace to the face before they go back to their shanties. Or seriously just watch your back because there will definitely be a couple of batshit crazy people who will actually take this to the next level.

Detroit should maybe take their Purge to heart and embrace the opportunity. Couldn’t hurt at this point.

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