Sixers Are In “Deep Talks” With The Celtics For The #1 Pick…UPDATE: Fultz Will Be A Sixer!!!!

(UPDATE: At the bar trusting the goddamn process and it happeneed!! Let’s Gooooooo!!!!!

I guess the rest of the blog is erroneous now. So just scroll down and cue it the fuck up.)

Choo choo choo! Here comes Colangelo plowing through with his first big move since taking over the Sixers! Judging from previous administrations clusterfucking the Suns and Raptors, it’s absolutely shocking it took this long. Other than the Noel deal, everything has par for The Process in Philly. But here we have it. The Sixers might indeed land consensus #1 overall pick Markelle Fultz. For what? Who knows. If Hinkie were still driving the bus we’d probably only give up our first, a second, and still get Isiah Thomas’s stem cells so we can produce a fetus to start at point in 2037. With Colangelo at the helm, it’s a little worrisome. Danny Ainge may indeed be pulling a fast one on us. But for now, enjoy the news, I guess. A healthy Embiid, Simmons, and Fultz for the next decade is a wet dream come true.

Take it away, Mo (RIP)!


PS – Not too shabby, Bry. Not too shabby at all.

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