Shootin’ The Shit With Smitty Ft. Chuck Wepner AKA The Real Rocky

Kind of surreal to meet and chat with the real life inspiration for Rocky Balboa whose folklore, love it or not, has not only become a Philadelphia icon, but an American legend. It’s even more amazing that after 78 years and batting 40+ fights in the ring, countless bar brawls in bars, Ali, Foreman, Sonny Liston, Andre The Giant, prison, wives, a motherfucking BEAR, and the stench/stigma of New Jersey, this legend is not only still standing breathing, but is sharp as a tack. This man’s brain is holding back CTE research for decades. And that’s The Bayonne Bleeder, baby. All heart and tougher than nails. Even more so than Rocky.

Be sure to head to to the theaters and check out “Chuck”, which is based on the life of “The Real Rocky” Chuck Wepner and stars that lovable Liev. Great flick.

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