Ryan Reynolds And Jake Gyllenhaal Have Ceased Giving A Fuck About Press Junket Interviews

These pointless interviews didn’t even go that far off the rails. But after the trillionth forced media appearance for every movie, can you blame them? This isn’t Van Wilder and Donnie Darko going off to promote their young careers. This is A-List Deadpool and Jake “I’m so damn good in every role I take it’s practically annoying” Gyllenhaal. These charming handsome fuckers can do whatever they want. And it’s smart promoting, too. You think people would rather hear normal responses to softball questions delivered by interviewers who would sit on dicks by the bucket to get a SAG Card? No. Give us friendly banter from the most charismatic people on Earth. I could listen to that delightful Ryan Reynolds randomly talk about Muppets longer than anyone should. That or bring up bad reviews to Ben Afleck and let him contemplate his existence in real time. I agree.

PS – Unrelated but related, if you can get through the opening credits of Nocturnal Animals then you’ve got one hell of a fine movie ahead of you. Look it up if you want to see what I’m talking about, but an actual Lemon Party (dot) Org might have been a more welcome of a sight than what was actually seen.

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