Perhaps We Should All Just Stop Hitting Each Other In The Dick

A well-timed cup check can provide the hard, intense game of hockey with some much needed comedic relief. You’re always going to get a few laughs when you’re out on the pond with the boys and somebody takes a twig to the cock (science term for your pecker). Sack taps are proven to be hilarious. It’s why there’s at least one in every single episode of “Jackass” ever made. With that being said… well the NHL is beating the joke to the ground this year. First we had Sidney Crosby slapping Ryan O’Reilly in the nuts. Then Brad Marchand got Jake Dotchin in the gooch.  And last night Leon Draisaitl got 5 and a game for this snake spear on Chris Tierney. 3 separate occasions, all within the span of a month from each other.

I still whole heartedly agree that if you cup check somebody who isn’t wearing a cup, it should only count as half a penalty since half of the blame falls upon the victim. I know we’re taught not to victim blame in the year 2017 but if you’re not wearing a cup, you can’t get pissed when you end up taking a stick to your cock and balls. However, it’s starting to get out of hand. We can’t have guys going dick hunting every single time the puck drops. Once is funny. Twice is pushing it. But the third time? That’s when we might have an issue in the league.

P.S. – Oilers seemed a little too interested in spearing guys in the D than playing any.



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