On The Scale Of Crazy To Gary Busey On PCP, How Batshit Is This Broad That Pops Out To Talk On This Cat Dating Website?

(Get a clearer view for yourself at Purrsonals.com)

Legitimately frightened by her. You can see it in her eyes and tell by the way she pronunciations Purrrrsonals.com that she will kill any man who comes between her beloved felines. No way in hell she’s not on the fast track to dying alone in a one-bedroom apartment surrounded by an army of puss. Only so many cats are going to run away after she really loses it and starts throwing them at pedestrians on the street.

Call me old fashioned and a hopeless romantic, but I have faith that love can still be found with someone like this. She just needs a little Smitty in her instead of one of those varmints taking up residency in all of the boxes in her apartment, including her own. Come and find me, kitten.


PS – So I had a dating blog almost ready to go last week based around a predominately African-American website that we very wisely pulled the cord on. Apparently going blackface and messaging with people after first going through a English to Ebonics translator was a little too much, and I agree. Solid chance Al Sharpton would’ve been outside my house picketing within an hour. Cat lovers though? No holds barred baby.

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