Old Bag Says Drinking Scotch Is The Secret To Living To 110

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TIFFIN, OH - A Tiffin woman who turns 110 years old on Friday has a unique secret to aging well – scotch. Audrey Lott says scotch is her favorite drink, even telling a reporter “You don’t like scotch? You don’t know what’s good.” A special birthday party was held for Lott at the St. Francis home in Tiffin where she lives on Tuesday. Lott says her favorite memory over the past 110 years was visiting the Washington Monument.

Audrey Lott you old sailor! If I had to live a solid 40 years past the point in which I wanted to drop dead, you’re damn right I’d be drinking the best of the best. Gradually losing all your senses and shitting yourself never felt so good when downing some of that sweet Hennigan’s. But there’s no way in hell she’s turning 110. Old broad doesn’t look a day over 75. Black definitely don’t crack.

She lived a century and a decade and her favorite memory ended up being a visit to the Washington Monument? Really flew by the seat of your pants during that life, babe. If that ends up being the case at the end of my days I would want to go back in time and kill myself before I was even born.

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