Man Dies After 24 Hr Gaming Session On Twitch…So Naturally Sales Guy Wants Me To Do A 24 Hour Gaming Session To Promote Barstool Gametime

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NYT - Early on Feb. 19, Brian C. Vigneault was nearing the end of a 24-hour marathon of live streaming himself playing the tank warfare video game World of Tanks when he left his computer to buy a pack of cigarettes. He never returned. During the break, Mr. Vigneault died in his Virginia Beach, Va., home. But Mr. Vigneault’s friends wonder if the lengthy live streaming on Twitch, a website owned by Amazon that lets people broadcast themselves playing games, may not have helped. At the time of his death, Mr. Vigneault, 35, had streamed for 22 hours straight to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Two of his friends said that he often broadcast his game playing for long periods. “He was looking really tired on the stream,” said Jessica Gebauer, a live streamer and a friend of Mr. Vigneault’s. “We were telling him, ‘Just to go to bed. It’s not a big deal. Nobody’s going to worry about it.’”

First off, SHOCKER of the century this guy wasn’t from Asia or Asian decent RIP to Mr. Vigneault. He went down playing for the Make A Wish foundation and that shouldn’t be overlooked. Very sad to hear. But instead of recognizing that, you have soulless creatures like Sales Guy roaming this Earth. The snake that stirs the pot. The second we see this poor guy perished via video games (although the cigs and atrophy probably didn’t help), Sales Guy swoops in poking the bear.

“Yo, we should do this to promote @BarstoolSports on Twitch and @StoolGameime. Just play for like 24 hours. Fuck that. Play for 48. Be a man for once in your life, Smitty. You won’t. Pussy. Go Pats. I’m bald.”

Pretty sure that was said, verbatim. Look. I’m the definition of a team player. There’s very, very little I wouldn’t do for the prosperity of Barstool Sports. Tattoos. Legally changing my middle name which is after my father. Having to sit yards away from a pubescent land urchin we named Eric that won’t stop secreting Chloroform. So, yeah, if push comes to shove I’ll play video games for 24+ hours straight to be a company man, even if my heart will explode at the speed of Link’s Light Arrow’s:

Mr. Vigneault’s death followed reports of other players dying during or after lengthy gaming sessions in Taiwan and South Korea, intensifying a discussion about the health risks of a streaming culture that rewards people for staying online for long periods. At least one video game streamer has blamed long bouts of live streaming for his emergency heart surgery, and others have written about the potential dangers of playing for hours on end.

Death doesn’t scare me. You know what does? Well, dying, but also giving the impression that I’m not giving my all. And if putting my heart literally on the line for the good of Barstool then bring it on, bitches. I’ll Zelda my dick off for days on end. If he dies, he dies. Dave Portnoy’s stock options will go up .001 percentage of the point. And in the end, isn’t all that matters? Nope. But at least Death Via Video Games would be the best way to go out this side of Death By Snu-Snu. I’ll take it.

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