Let This German Hockey Brawl Involving Players And Coaches And Refs And Everybody Else Get You Through The Rest Of Monday

Looks like the cameras got rolling a little late here but still plenty of chaos to go around. You had the goalies squaring off trying to kill one another.


You had what was, at least in my mind, the most confusing part of this entire video–the coaches going at it.


Very very confusing. These guys are on the same bench, no? Are they coaching the same team? Is there just no divider between the two benches and they are from different teams? There was some random dude just out there taking photos on a camera. Did he have anything to do with that? Very bizarre scenario we’ve found ourselves in here and I really wish I could get some answers. However, this brawl comes from some tier 3 league in Germany so good luck trying to get to the bottom of this one. All I do know is that I love European hockey crowds way more than North American hockey crowds. The chant game is just on another level. It raises the intimidation factor of the barn by at least a hundred. Sure, you may get some good “asshole” chants here and there in North America. But this is some serious hooligan style shit you hear going down at a game in Germany. We just don’t have that same atmosphere here and I truly envy it.

Either way, pretty decent brawl all around. Would have preferred just a little more blood and violence but beggars can’t be choosers. I’ll gladly take whatever kind of brawl we can get to cap off this Monday.



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