Kid From France Makes Over $16K By Selling Canned Air

frenchie 1


Frenchie Kmarko?

FRANCE – A business savvy student has made a staggering £12,000 by selling tins containing fresh air. Antoine Deblay, 22, from Montcuq, south-west France has been selling his unusual product called Air de Montcuq, where the ‘fresh air’ of the village of Montcuq can be purchased for the equivalent of £5. The idea only started as a joke when Mr Deblay put up a proposal on French crowdfunding site On the tins, a message is displayed which reads: ‘Fresh air of Montcuq is 100 per cent organic, it immerses you in the depths of the city to refresh your ideas. Ideal when you are in need of creative inspiration. Attention: irreplaceable content, consumable once. Do not leave it open.’ And the website gives an insight into the process behind Air de Montcuq. It reads: ‘We respect the air. In order not to empty Montcuq of its air every week we limit our harvest to 10 litres of air.’

Harry Dunn was correct. The French are assholes. However, you kind of have to respect the play. Yes, it’s a total snake move trying to force feed something this frivolous down people’s throats. French people selling free air, mechanics convincing you to pay for “undercoating”, moguls playing up Legarratte Blount t-shirts. When does it stop? If there’s a demand there’s always going to be someone who will supply, and people are that stupid to which there will always be a profit. Now excuse me, I’m going to start a company that bottles cat piss and goat queefs with intention to sell both as cures for cancer. Billionaire ahoy.

Until then we’re drastically getting closer and closer to living in a world where Spaceballs is a reality. And truth be told, I don’t mind it.

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