Just A Friendly Reminder Of What March Madness Is All About

I think everybody can agree that the opening 4 days of March Madness are 4 of the greatest days of the year. If you disagree with that you’re not even allowed to say it in public or else you will be executed in front of a live audience. But it’s great. From noon to whatever time you pass out to go to sleep, there are games being played and action to be had. But let’s not forget something here, people. These are STUDENT-athletes that we’re watching here. Notice how the word “student” comes before athlete in that phrase. So while winning a National Championship may seem like the ultimate goal here, isn’t it really about being the best student these young men can be and ultimately becoming gainfully employed post-graduation?

This is why before I fill out a bracket every year, I like to call a few professors at the schools in the tournament just to see how these guys perform in the classroom. I don’t care about recent success or how each team did in their conference tournament. I want to know who is dominating the tests. I need to know who is locking down classroom discussion and participation. I’m more interested in who can knock down a killer thesis paper more than who can knock down a long range 3. The only kind of buzzer beater we should really care about here is when a student-athlete shows up to class right before it starts. Because in the end, that’s what these kids are in school for. To get a great education for free unless they get injured playing a sport in which case they lose their scholarship and are told to go fuck themselves. But it’s the education that they get that is priceless.

So while you’re cheering on the teams you have advancing in your brackets this month, just remember that you should also cheer for those kids every time they step in to the library to get some extra studying in. And you should also cheer for those kids every time they go to a tutoring session because they’re not above asking for some extra help when they know they need it. That’s the March Madness that I know and love.


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