Joel Embiid Emphatically Tells Everyone Who Has The Bigger Dick

[kaltura-video id=878]



Hilarious. Screw the injuries, I Love this man for coming into Philly with his chin up high and dick swinging low. This shows he’s already commanding the utmost respect and authority. There hasn’t been a Cookie Monster quote this great since Dikembe walked into the bar declaring “Who Wants To Sex Mutombo?”

Plus nobody’s going to deny your claim of packing extreme heat, Joel. A 7-foot Cameroonian’s dick should rival any hammer in the Animal Kingdom, let alone a couple of 5’10 American white boys in their Dad’s SUV. The damn hog is most likely fluent in multiple languages and could get a Passport if it tried. Just be sure to pull a Patrick Ewing and keep that bad boy taped to the leg while playing ball. If that thing escapes it’ll kill more people than Smallpox.

#WeAllFromAfrica, but obviously came in different shapes and sizes. Sadly.

h/t Drew & Sam

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