It Should Be Illegal For Shaq To Play Pick Up Ball Vs. Normal Dudes At The Local YMCA

Not fair! And possibly inhumane. Shaq used to ragdoll the likes of Dikembe Mutumbo all over the place on the hardwood. Of course Joe Dick Johnson from HR doesn’t stand a chance. Let us have our little pick up games to ourselves to hold onto the glory days as much as possible. That sad sap was probably king of the honkey court till the former NBA and real life Thoroughbred came through and reminded him he sells insurance for a living. Come on, Kazaam. Rec league basketball is our place where legends are self proclaimed and the ball is rarely passed. Professional athletes should just let us have our safe space to airball within 5 feet of the rim, in peace.

That goes for you too, Todd Gurley. No need to make some poor guy’s knee somehow go East and West at the same time.

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