I Can Definitely Get Down With This Modernizing Great Movie Trailers Movement

Fresh. As. Fuck. Here’s a couple of classics we’ve all seen but now they’re whipped into our 2016 lives where everything is about instant gratification. And I respect the hell out of it. Yes, I love Goodfellas. Of course I think The Empire Strikes Back is a superior flick. But if I can play just the tip for each of them without having to be glued to the couch the next time they’re on AMC (Spoiler Alert: Will still be doing that), more power to everyone. Just getting it wet a little bit goes a long way.

Goodfellas is still the certified tits 26 years later. God bless Joe Pesci and his beautiful Napoleonic Complex (Trivia: The real Henry Hill said Pesci’s performance as Tommy was 98% accurate, but the real life Tommy was 6’3). Now go get your fucking shinebox.

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