How About The Owner Of The Milwaukee Bucks Trying To Whip It Out And Smack The Process?

Hardy har har, Wes! This poor man’s Paul McCartney looking motherfucker would rather talk about results? Ok. Let’s talk about results.

The Milwaukee Bucks have one championship in their entire existence. ONE. From 1972. And only one other conference title. From 1974. They also have currently lost their last 8 playoff series and have gone 16 years since advancing past the first round in the postseason (which ended when they faced the 2001 Sixers). But, hey, at least they captured the 6th seed last season with a dominant 42-40 record that’ll catapult them into NBA mediocrity for the next decade. Oh, and thanks for taking MCW off our hands, too. That worked out well. And that was talking results.

Meanwhile the Sixers are positioning themselves into drafting their own dream team to become a dominant force, nay, dynasty for for years to come. Will it work? Maybe. Maybe not. But at least The Process is more worthy of discussion than The Purgatory the Bucks will be in for quite some time. Also, the best player on your team would ballwash our legend at the drop of a hat. Like, literally Giannis Antetokounmpo would wash AI’s testicles if he had the chance. Fact.

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