“Highlights” From Smitty Vs. Nate Poker – Fight #2, Plus A BIG Announcement For Barstool Basketball

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Savant Smitty vs. Rich Bitch Nate. Round 2: FIGHT!

It was a constant battle for higher ground during our five Sit & Go adventures of bravery. Of course, when it came down to general skill, knowledge of the game, and overall Americanism, I came out on top. When it came down to winning a coin flip or sucking out, Nate found his family heirloom batch of Lucky Charms. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. As they say: Cards Don’t Lie.

So far in total televised events, Nate is up 5-3 in individual games with a 2-0 series advantage. It’s all about variance, so the war is far from over. But, yeah, time to start winning some battles before Nate starts becoming more like Napoleon in ways other than the height and complex.

If you’d like to see the entire thing from a poker aspect and see how the “Highlights” weren’t skewed to favor anyone’s ability (or donkability), you can observe it here:

Watch live video from barstoolsports on www.twitch.tv

ALSO – Barstool Basketball has 6+ weeks of video content in the vault. It’s coming, slowly but surely, it’s coming. The first episode of Barstool Soft Knocks (working title, depending on the lawsuits) will be released tomorrow on the Barstool Sports APP only. So download the APP and watch what happens next. Spoiler Alert: Pretty sure we set the game of basketball, and white people, back a few generations.

DOUBLE ALSO – To make up for the lack of footage coming to fruition until now (tomorrow), Game 5 of the defeated Barstool Purple Starfish Basketball Team will be broadcasted LIVE tonight from the sidelines. It will either be on @BarstoolSports on Twitch or @SmittyBarstool on Periscope/Twitter if (once) we can’t figure out how to stream from Twitch on our phones. Tip off is at 7. Let’s dance.

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