Georgetown Lacrosse Is Doing The World A Favor And Hosting A Cargo Shorts Retirement Party

georgetwon-cargoshorts georgetown-cargoshorts2

First and foremost, congrats to Cargo Shorts. They had a tremendous run. Truly one of the legends of the shorts game. But all good things must come to an end and I think this one is long overdue. People have been calling for the end of Cargo Shorts for a few years now. They’ve been slowly getting phased out but you’ll still see a pair or two out in the wild on any given day. Mainly on dads and guys who tuck their tshirts into their shorts.

Thankfully Georgetown lacrosse is here to be the one to put them out of their misery for us, though. Everybody wants to get rid of cargo shorts but nobody wants to be the asshole that kills them for good. But the Hoyas stepped up to the plate and will be getting rid of them in a respectful manner. A way in which cargo shorts deserve to go out. With the little remaining dignity they have left. Plus there will be cake which is pretty dope.

Anyway, Georgetown vs St. John’s. Not exactly a big time matchup with any major national implications on the line. Georgetown’s program has been suffering over the past few years and with Denver joining the Big East, you won’t see them in the tournament anytime soon. Georgetown is 0-4 in the conference. St. John’s is 0-3 in the conference. But this is still my marquee game of the weekend since we get to bid farewell to cargo shorts forever.

I’m sure their will be ample Croakies and Rainbow flip-flops on site as well.

h/t Begel


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