Drunken Eeyore Powerslams Guitar Wielding Maniac Through The Vegas Concrete

Vegas, baby! Vegas. It’s not everyday you see the most docile cartoon character of all-time snap a gourd then snap a neck. It’s a good thing it was Eeyore, too. Tigger would’ve bounced and pounced on his corpse till it turned to dust. And yup, obviously concerned camera person. Get him a beer. I’m sure that’ll reattach his vertebrae. Contrary to popular belief, I think this is one of the few situations where alcohol may solely be the cause, but not the solution to all of life’s problems.

Just goes to show you to not mess around with people dressed up as characters in Vegas. Like this Batman in hockey pads, they’re the type of folk with somehow both nothing to lose and fictional honor to defend society.

Yeah, bub, it’s the cape’s fault. Next time get Lucius Fox to make it more conductive and I’m sure you’ll have it made in the shade.

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