Drew Miller Took A Good Old Fashioned Skate Blade To The Eye Last Night

So how was everyone else’s Tuesday night? Drew Miller’s seemed like a real blast. Just got his face sliced wide open from a by getting basically donkey kicked by a skate to the eye. I get at this point that human instinct just kicks in (pun wasn’t originally intended), but I don’t get how he’s able to pop up right away and sprint toward the bench. I’m throwing my gloves off, and rolling around on the ice and screaming bloody murder if that’s me. But nope, Drew Miller is just like “damnit, hey I know that we aren’t supposed to change in the defensive zone but do you think someone can hop on for me real quick?”  Luckily, Miller didn’t receive any permanent damage and his eye is good-to-go. He’d probably be right back in the line up for tomorrow if it were up to him. Not sure how much difference the visor made here, but good thing he was wearing one regardless. And now it’s time for what you all really came here to see. The scar…








Gross, dude. And no, I’m not talking about the scar. I’m talking about Drew Miller’s hair. I fundamentally do not understand what is going on with that thing. The scar is pretty gross itself. I’ve definitely seen a better looking eye in my life at least once or twice.

P.S. – Who wore it better?



(gif via r/hockey)

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