Doesn’t Get Much More Demoralizing Than Getting Scored Against With Your Own Stick

[Before you start bitching about reblogs, let the record show this blog was written a few hours ago but just never got posted until now. Nbd]

The fact that Dylan Strome isn’t playing regular minutes in the NHL yet is pretty baffling. Maybe the Coyotes just want to make sure that they can secure another lottery pick before the team ultimately moves to Seattle or something. But that’s neither here nor there. Because Dylan Strome is still in the OHL playing for the Erie Otters and he’s doing shit like this.


Raise that stick high and proud, kid. Make sure he knows exactly what happened to him.┬áThis is like taking this man’s children and making them call you daddy now. Or taking his girl he’s been wheeling around for weeks and smashing her in the back of your Durango. Only to never call her again.


And shoutout to Dylan Strome for being a very good boy and returning the stick back to its owner. I believe this would fall under the “Finder’s Keepers” category in a court of law and the stick should rightfully belong to Strome now. But he’s a good boy and gives back to the less fortunate.


Just a good ol’ Ontario boy. So thoughtful. “Sorrey I had to steal your stick and then shove it down your throat on ya. My bad, bud. Want me to pay you in some syrup as a rental fee? My treat, eh”.

P.S. – Not bad. Still not good enough to make the Team USA World Juniors roster. But not bad.


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